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Within the International effort to increase the Maritime Safety and the prevention of pollution and within the activities of the Euro-Med conference that was held in Barcelona 28th of November 1995, it was declared the birth of cooperation project financed by the E.C. under the umbrella of the IMO and ILO. This declaration was developed according to STCW 95 and the international community interest in activating the role of Port State Control to a proposed agreement for southern and eastern Mediterranean countries for a Port State Control System. Read More


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MAB23 Meetings will be held online on Tuesday the 28th of July 2020 at 10:00 am (Cairo Local Time) and meeting documents are now available for download from the private area.

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MedMoU on PSC Annual Reports

2017 was an active year for port State control in the Mediterranean region. The 10 members of the agreement have carried out 5,200 inspections. The number of detentions was 228 in 2016 and slightly decreased to be 173 detentions in 2017.
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